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Playhouse 615

Playhouse 615, an arts organization and event space, is managed by two local theatre veterans:  Ann Street-Kavanagh and Joel Meriwether. Between them, they have over sixty years experience in live performance. Ann is serving as Managing Director, teaching acting classes and one-on-one coaching. She is also the Artistic Director for Mischief Makers, the children’s theatre in residence. Joel is Artistic Director for The Ensemble, the adult acting troupe, within the Playhouse 615 umbrella. Our black box theatre seats up to 50. Our space is also available to rent for rehearsals, productions. classes and events.

Current Show


Written by Nathan Sanders

Directed by Diane Bearden

September 8th - 24th


In this Southern Gothic comedy of romance, murder and alien abduction, the Nettle sisters are determined to escape spinsterhood - Wille May by going to Salt Lake and finding a good Morman husband and Fay by hopping on the spaceship when the "space people" return for another visit.  We meet Faye and Willie Mae as they return home to their ramshackle swamp dwelling in Sugar Bean, Florida, after a disastrous daytrip to Disney World, where Willie lost her prized Eva Gabor wig on Space Mountain.  Having witnessed the landing of an alien space craft some 25 years ago in her daddy's sugarcane field, Faye prepares for the return of her celestial visitors on this night, the very anniversary of that fateful day.  A disturbance in the sugarcane field lures the sisters outside to investigate, and Fay recalls how their infamous daddy claimed to have witnessed dead fold walking through Sugar Bean on a similar night many years before.  A strange bird-like woman suddenly appears out of the darkness of Buster Swamp, setting in motion a chain of extraordinary events.  Lies begin to unravel and the truth is revealed as the Sugar Bean Sisters hatch a diabolical plot to ensure the space people's return.

Actors Spotlight


Ann Street-Kavanagh as Faye Clementine Nettles
Abby Waddoups as Willie Mae Nettles
Breonna Parker as Miss Videllia Sparks
Gary Patterson as The Bishop Crumbly
Linda Speir as The Reptile Woman


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We are excited to bring you these wonderful shows. 

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